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Blackwing – Audition Pack – Set of 4


Find the right pencil to suit your needs with Blackwing’s Audition Pack.

Containing 4 pencils (1x Matte, 1x Pearl, 1x 602, and 1x Natural), this Pack gives you a chance to try out the different graphite grades that Blackwing has to offer so you can confidently select a pack of 12 and know that it’s the pencil you’re looking for. Ranging from the Extra Firm graphite of the Natural pencil (perfect for technical drawing and note-taking) to the Soft graphite of the Matte (which lends itself wonderfully to drawing), you’ve got a beautiful range of options to explore.


A pencil of legend, reborn for a modern audience. Beloved by artists, musicians, designers, illustrators and more, each Blackwing offers a writing or sketching experience that has stood the test of time.


Incense-cedar barrel. Graphite formulation lead.
Made in the USA

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